Recorded 1974

Harmonia Mundi CD HMA 1951021

Sopranos: Nancy Armstrong, Sallie E. Gordon, Margaret Johnson,
Susan Klebanow, Deborah Price
Contre-ténors: Paul Blanchard, Ken Fitch, Richard Riley
Alto: Jane Shaw
Ténors: John Clarke, Bruce Fithian, David Griesinger, Karl Dan
Basses: Mark Baker, Curt Hayashi, Charles Robert Stephens

Violons baroque: Daniel Stepner, Jean Lamon
Tailles de viole Jane Hershey, Alison Fowle
Basses de viole Laura Jeppesen (1-4, 6-13), Alison Fowle (5)
Violone Sarah Cunningham
Flûtes à bec: Nancy Joyce, Kenneth Roth, Jane Hershey
Flûte baroque: Nancy Joyce
Hautbois baroque: Kenneth Roth
Luth: Joel Cohen
Clavecin: Aline Parker

The words you will be hearing on this recording are sung in Hebrew, a
language evolved and first sopken in the Holy Land; yet the music which accompanies
these liturgical texts is European through and through, recalling the cultural
ethos not of Palestine but of Venice and Mantua, Avignon and Aix.

douce beaute cd cover These notes are (c) by Joel Cohen.

Along with A Medieval Christmas, this is one of the earliest Camerata recordings (1974) still in print.

"This album comprises three of the rare settings of Hebrew during the Baroque era, by Saladin, Grossi, and Salomone Rossi. They are lovely works performed as well as one could want. Includes: Canticum Hebraicum, Canta Ebraica in Dialogo and Les Cantiques de Salomon. "

Adon Olam

Air Et Duo: Nismecha Yachad

Barechu Et Adonai Ham'vorach

Baruch Haba B'shem Adonai

Bourree Et Rigaudon

Cantata Ebraica In Dialogo

Canticum Hebraicium

Choeur: Shelach Tishbi

Choeur: Ya'aleh V'yatsliach

Choeur: Ya'aleh V'yatsliach

Duo Ahir Le Eli

Eftach Na Sefatai


Les Cantiques De Salomon


Prelude: Et Air: Yigdal

Prelude: Shelach Tishbi

sonata In Dialogo


Sinfonia Grave


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