Kurt Weill's Johnny Johnson

Kurt Weill's Johnny Johnson

1. Introduction

2. Act l: Over in Europe

3. Act l: Democracy Advancing

4. Act l: Up Chickamuga Hill - The Battle of San Juan Hill

5. Act l: Johnny's Melody

6. Act l: Aggie's Song

7. Act l: Oh Heart of Love

8. Act l: Farewell, Goodbye

9. Act l: The West Pointer Song

10. Act l: The Sergeant's Chant

11. Act l: Captain Valentine's Song

12. Act l: Army Interlude

13. Act l: Farewell, Goodbye (Interlude)

14. Act l: Song of the Goddess

15. Act l: Song of the Wiunded Frencgmen

16. Act l: The Tea Song

17. Act l: Oh the Rio Grande - Cowboy Song

18. Act l: Johnny's dream

19. Act l: Song of the Guns

20. Act l: Music of the Stricken Redeemer

21. Act ll: Mon Ami, My Friend

22. Act ll: The Allied High Command

23. Act ll: The Laughing Generals

24. Act ll; The Battle

25. Act ll: In Times of War and Tumults

26. Act ll: In No Man's Land

27. Act ll: Johnny's Homecoming

28. Act ll: The Psychiatry Song

29. Act ll: Asylum Chorus

30. Act ll: A Hymn to Peace

31. Act ll: Asylum Chorus (Instrumental)

32. Act ll: Johnny's Song