Sing We Noel

Sing We Noel

1. Nowel, Owt of Your Slepe

2. Ad Cantus Leticie

3. Angelus Ad Virginem

4. Synge We to This Mery Cumpane

5. Reading, and the Aungel Gabriel Was Sent Fro God/Gabriel from ...

6. Nova, Nova: Aue Fitt Ex Eva

7. Mervele Nought, Josep

8. Exultemus et Laetemur

9. Midnight Cry

10. Sunny Bank

11. All Sons of Adam

12. Greensleeves

13. Reading, Iesu Swete Sone Dere

14. Lullay, Thou Tiny Little Child/The Coventry Carl

15. While Shepherds Watched/Serburne

16. Fulfillment

17. My Little Sweet Darling

18. Readin, Make We Mere as We May

19. Gloucestershire

20. Reading, Make We Mere as We May