Ad honorem tui, Christe,
In your honor, Christ,
Danielis ludus iste
this Daniel Play
in Belvaco est inventus,
was invented at Beauvais,
et invenit hunc juventus.
the product of our youth.

Dum venerit Rex Balthasar,
Princeps sui cantabunt ante eum hanc prosam:
As King Balthasar approaches,
his princes sing this song before him:

Astra tenenti cunctipotenti
To the almighty holder of the firmament
turba virilis et puerilis
this throng of men and boys
contio plaudit.
assembled gives praise.

Nam Danielem multa fidelem
For it listens attentively
et subiisse atque tulisse
To the many things faithful Daniel
firmiter audit.
underwent and suffered.

Convocat ad se Rex sapientes
The king calls before him the wise men
gramata dextrae qui sibi dicant
to explain the meaning of the letters
written by that hand.

Quae quia scribae non potuere
Since the wise men were not able to solve
solvere regi ilico muti
them, silent before the King
they held their tongues.

Sed Danieli scripta legenti
But to Daniel, upon reading the writing,
mox patuere quae prius illis
It became clear at once
clausa fuere.
what had been hidden to them.

Quem quia vidit praevaluisse
When Balthasar saw how he excelled
Balthasar illis, fertur in aula
the others, he placed him above them in the hall
So it is related.

Causa reperta non satis apta
A case, not very solid, found against him
destinat ilium ore leonum
and sentenced him to be torn
by the teeth of the lions.

Sed, Deus, illos ante malignos
But, O God, it was then your wish
in Danielem tunc voluisti
that those who had been cruel to Daniel
esse benignos.
Should become kind.

Huic quoque panis, ne sit inanis,
And to him, lest he fall faint,
mittitur a te praepete vate
you sent bread by the angel-borne prophet
prandia dante.
bringing him food.

Tunc ascendat Rex in solium,
et Satrapae et applaudentes dicant:
Then the King ascends his throne
and Satraps acclaiming him say:

Rex, in aeternum vive!
Long live the king!

Et Rex aperiet os suum dicens:
And the King speaks thus:

Vos qui paretis meis vocibus,
You who obey my voice
afferte vasa meis usibus
bring those vessels for my use
quae templo pater meus abstulit,
which my father brought from the temple
Judaeam graviter cum perculit.
when he severely crushed Judea.

Satrapae, vasa deferentes,
cantabunt hanc prosam ad laudem Regis:
The Satraps sing this song of praise
to the King as they bring the vessels:

Jubilemus Regi nostro magno ac potenti!
Let us praise our King great and powerful!
Resonemus laude digna voce competenti!
Let us resound with worthy praise and fitting song!
Resonet iocunda turba sollemnibus odis!
Let the merry throng break forth in solemn chants;
Cytharizent, plaudant manus, mille sonent modis!
Let them play their harps, clap their hands, sing a thousand tunes.
Pater ejus destruens Judaeorum templa magna fecit,
His father did a great thing in destroying the temple of the Jews,
et hic regnat ejus per exempla.
and now this one reigns by his father's example.
Pater ejus spoliavit regnum Judaeorum;
His father took great booty from the kingdom of the Jews;
hic exaltat sua festa decore vasorum.
now this one can make his feats more splendid with such handsome vessels.
Haec sunt vasa regia quibus spoliatur
These are the royal vessels which were taken
Jerusalem et regalis Babylon ditatur.
from Jerusalem, and now adorn regal Babylon.
Praesentemus Balthasar ista Regi nostro,
Let us present them to Balthasar, to our King
qui sic suos perornavit purpura et ostro.
who vests his subjects in courtly purple.
Iste potens, iste fortis, iste gloriosus,
He is powerful, he is strong, he is glorious.
iste probus, curialis, decens et formosus.
He is valiant, courtly, handsome and comely.
jubilemus Regi tanto vocibus canoris;
Let us praise so great a King in sonorous voices;
resonemus omnes una laudibus sonoris.
Together lets us sound forth in harmonious praises.
Ridens plaudit Babylon,
With laughter, Babylon rejoices;
Jerusalem plorat; haec orbatur,
Jerusalem weeps. She has been deprived of her children,
haec triumphans Balthasar adorat.
while Babylon in triumph venerates King Balthasar.
Omnes ergo exultemus tantae potestati,
Therefore, let everyone rejoice at such great power.
offerentes Regis vasa suae maiestati.
Offering these vessels of the King to His Majesty.

Tunc Principes dicant:
Then the Princes say:

Ecce sunt ante faciem tuam.
Behold, they are here before you.

Interim apparebit dextra in conspectu Regis
scribens in pariete:
quam videns Rex stupefactus clamabit:
Meanwhile, a right hand appears before the King,
writing on the wall the following:
Mane, Thechel, Phares;
The King, upon seeing it, is frightened and exclaims:

Vocate mathematicos Caldaeos et hariolos;
Call forth the Chaldean astrologers and the diviners;
auruspices inquirite
search out the soothsayers,
et magos introducite.
and bring forth the wise men.

Tunc adducentur Magi,
qui dicent Regi:
Then the wise men are brought,
and they say to the King:

Rex, in aeternum vive!
Long live the king!
Adsumus ecce tibi.
Behold, we are here before you.

Et Rex dicet:
And the king says:

Qui scripturam hanc legerit
Whoever reads this writing
et sensum aperuerit,
and unfolds its meaning
sub illius potentia
shall be given power
subdetur Babylonia,
over Babylon,
et insignitus purpura
and arrayed in purple
torque fruetur aurea.
shall wear a golden collar.

Illi vero nescientes persolvere
dicent Regi:
Not knowing how to solve the writing,
they say to the King:

Nescimus persolvere
We cannot solve the writing
nec dare consilium
nor give a clue
quae sit superscriptio
as to what is written
nec manus inditium.
nor find the meaning of the hand.

Conductus Reginae
venientis ad Regem:
The processional of the Queen
coming to the King:

Cum doctorum et magorum
All the learned and the wise are now
omnis adsit contio,
present in assembly,
secum volvit, neque solvit
turning over in their minds, but unable to explain
quae sit manus visio.
the vision of the hand.

Ecce prudens, styrpe cluens,
Behold the royal spouse, the prudent,
dives cum potentia;
rich in power,
in vestitu deaurato
adorned in golden garments,
coniunx adest regia.
noble in her race.

Haec latentem promet vatem
She will bring forth the unknown prophet
per cujus inditium
through whose interpretation
rex describe suum ibi
the King will learn and be told
noverit exitium.
of his destruction.

Laetis ergo haec virago
Accompanied by joyful acclamations
comitetur plausibus;
she then comes forward;
cordis, orisque sonoris
with sonorous tones of strings and voices
personetur vocibus.
let music now be made.

Tunc Regina veniens
adorabit Regem dicens:
Then the queen comes before the King
and venerates him saying:

Rex, in aeternum vive!
Long live the king!
Ut scribentis noscas ingenium,
That you may know the meaning of the writing
Rex Balthasar, audi consilium.
King Balthasar, listen to this counsel.

Rex, audiens haec,
versus Reginam vertet faciem suam,
et Regina dicat:
Upon hearing this,
the king turns toward the Queen,
and she continues:

Cum Judaeae captivis populis
Together with the captives of Judea
prophetiae doctum oraculis Danielem
one Daniel, learned in prophetic oracles,
a sua patria
was brought to here, far from his home,
captivavit patris victoria.
captured by your father's victory.
Hic sub tuo vivens imperio,
Since he lives now under your rule,
ut mandetur, requirit ratio.
reason demands he be summoned here.
Ergo manda, ne sit dilatio,
Command at once, let there be no delay,
nam docebit quod celat visio.
for he will explain what the vision conceals.

Tunc dicat Rex Principibus suis:
Then the king says to his princes:

Vos Danielem quaerite,
Go you to seek out Daniel,
et inventum adducite.
find him and bring him here.

Tunc Principes, invento Daniele, dicant ei:
Then the princes, having found Daniel, say to him:

Vir propheta Dei, Daniel, vien al Roi.
O prophet of God, Daniel, come to the King.
Veni, desiderat parler a toi.
Come, he wishes to speak with you.
Pavet et turbatur, Daniel, vien al Roi,
He is afraid and disturbed, Daniel, come to the King.
Vellet quod nos latet savoir par toi
He wishes to know from you what is hidden from us.
Te ditabit donis, Daniel, vien al Roi,
He will enrich you with gifts, Daniel, come to the King,
Si scripta poterit savoir par toi.
if he can learn through you the meaning of the writing.

Et Daniel eis:
And Daniel answers them:

Multum miror cujus consilio
I am much in wonder on whose advice
me requirat regalis jussio.
the royal command seeks me out.
Ibo tamen, et erit cognitum
I shall go, nonetheless, and make known,
per me gratis quod est absconditum.
unrewarded, what is hidden.

Conductus Danielis venientis ad Regem:
Daniel's processional as he comes to the King:

Hic verus Dei famulus,
This true servant of God
quem laudat omnis populus;
whom every people praises,
cujus fama prudentiae
the fame of whose wisdom
est nota Regis curiae.
is known to the court of the King.
Cestui manda li Rois par nos.
He is called to the King by us.


Pauper et exulans envois al Roi par vos.
In poverty and in exile I go to the King with you.


In iuventutis gloria,
In the glory of his youth,
plenus celesti gratia,
full of heavenly graces,
satis excellit omnibus
he completely excels all others
virtute, vita, moribus.
in virtue, life and character.
Cestui manda li Rois par nos.
He is called to the King by us.


Pauper et exulans envois al Roi par vos.
In poverty and in exile I go to the King with you.


Hic est cujus auxilio
This is he whose help
solvetur illa visio
will solve that vision,
in qua scribente dextera
which by the writing hand
mota sunt Regis viscera.
deeply moved the King.
Cestui manda li Rois par nos.
He is called to the King by us.


Pauper et exulans envois al Roi par vos.
In poverty and in exile I go to the King with you.

Veniens Daniel ante Regem, dicat ei:
Upon arriving before the King, Daniel says to him:

Rex, in aeternum vive!
Long live the king!

Et Rex Danieli:
And the King answers Daniel:

Tu ne Daniel nomine diceris
Are you not called Daniel,
huc adductus cum Judaeae miseris?
brought here with the wretches of Judea?
Dicunt te habere Dei spiritum
They say you have the spirit of God
et praescire quodlibet absconditum.
and foresee whatever is hidden.
Si ergo potes scripturam solvere,
If then you can solve this writing,
immensis muneribus ditabere.
you will be enriched with countless gifts.

Et Daniel Regi:
And Daniel says to the King:

Rex, tua nolo munera;
O King, I wish not your gifts;
gratis solvetur litera.
unrewarded I will solve the letters.
Est autem haec solutio
This is the solution
instat tibi confusio.
affliction awaits you.
Pater tuus prae omnibus
Your father above all others
potens olim potentibus,
once was powerful.
turgens nimis superbia
Swollen with excessive pride
deiectus est a Gloria.
he was cast down from glory.

Nam cum Deo non ambulans,
For, not walking with God,
se sese Deum simulans,
but making of himself a god,
vasa tempio diripuit
he stole the vessels of the temple
quae suo usu habuit.
and put them to his own use.
Sed post multas insanias
But after many such mad deeds
tandem perdens divitias
at the end he lost his wealth,
forma nudatus hominis,
and deprived of human form,
pastum gustavit graminis.
he fed on repasts of grass.

Tu quoque ejus filius,
And you, his son, as well,
non ipso minus impius,
no less wicked than he,
dum patris actus sequeris,
in following his example,
vasis eisdem uteris;
use these very same vessels.
quod quia Deo displicet,
Since this is displeasing to God,
instat tempus quo vindicet.
the time of His vengeance is at hand,
Nam scripturae indicium
The meaning of the writing
minatur iam supplicium,
is to warn of retribution.

et MANE, dicit Dominus,
For MANE, says the Lord,
est tui regni terminus.
is the end of your kingdom;
THECHEL libram significat
THECHEL means a measuring weight,
quae te minorem indicat.
which means you are weaker.
PHARES, hoc est divisio,
PHARES, that is division;
regnum transportat alio.
your kingdom will be given to another.

Et Rex:
And the king replies:

Qui sic solvit latentia
Let him who has solved the secret
ornetur veste regia.
be adorned with regal robes.

Sedente Daniele iuxta Regem,
induto ornamentis regalibus,
exclamabit Rex ad Principem militiae:
Daniel sits next to the king,
adorned with royal garments.
The King says to the prince of his troops:

Tolle vasa, princeps militiae,
Take away the vessels, prince of my troops,
ne sint michi causa miseriae.
lest they be the cause of misfortune to me.

Conductus referentium
vasa ante Danielem:
Processional of those
bringing the vessels before Daniel:

Regis vasa referentes
quem Judaeae tremunt gentes,
Bringing back the vessels of that King
whom the Jewish people fear,
Danieli applaudentes,
Giving praise to Daniel,
Let us rejoice!
laudes sibi debitas Referamus!
Fitting praise to him let us offer!

Regis cladem praenotavit
He foresaw the downfall of the King
cum scripturam reseravit,
When he solved the writing;
testes reos comprobavit,
he proved the witnesses false,
et Susannam liberavit.
and freed Susanna.
Let us rejoice!
laudes sibi debitas Referamus!
Fitting praise to him let us offer!

Babylon hunc exulavit
cum Judaeos captivavit,
Balthasar quem honoravit.
laudes sibi debitas Referamus!
Babylon exiled him
when she captured the Jews,
Balthasar honored him.
Let us rejoice!
Fitting praise to him let us offer!

Est propheta sanctus Dei,
hunc honorant et Chaldaei
et gentiles et Judaei.
Ergo jubilantes ei,
laudes sibi debitas Referamus!
He is a holy prophet of God,
even the Chaldeans honor him,
together with the Gentiles and the Jews,
Therefore in acclaiming him,
Let us rejoice!
Fitting praise to him let us offer!

Tunc, relicto palatio,
referent vasa Satrapae,
et Regina discedet.
Conductus Reginae:
Then, after leaving the palace,
the Satraps bring back the vessels.
And the Queen leaves.
Recessional of the Queen:

Solvitur in libro Salomonis
In the Book of Solomon is written
digna laus et congrua matronis.
fitting and becoming praise to women.

Precium est ejus si quam fortis
Her price is that of a valiant one
procul et de finibus remotis.
from the far and remotest corners of the earth.

Fidens est in ea cor mariti
Her husband's heart relies on her
spoliis divitibus potiti.
though he be rich in material wealth.

Mulier haec illi comparetur
Let this woman be compared to the one
cujus Rex subsidium meretur.
who is a support to her king.

Ejus nam facundia verborum
For her power of speech
arguit prudentiam doctorum.
defeats the wisdom of the learned.

Nos quibus occasio ludendi
We who have this solemn day
hac die conceditur sollemni,
occasion to perform this play,
demus huic praeconia devoti,
with reverence sing her praise.
veniant et concinent remoti.
Let all come along and join in song.

Statim apparebit Darius Rex
cum Principibus suis,
venientque ante eum
Cytharistae et Principes
sui psallentes haec:
Suddenly King Darius appears
with his princes,
and before him come
the kithara players and his princes
singing the following:

Ecce Rex Darius
Behold King Darius
venit cum Principibus
Approaching with his princes,
nobilis nobilibus.
the noble with his nobles.

Ejus et curia resonat laeticia,
adsunt et tripudia.
And his entire court resounds with joyousness,
and dances are there too.
Hic est mirandus,
He is admired,
cunctis venerandus.
venerated by all.
Illi imperia sunt tributaria.
There are many kingdoms subject to him.
Regem honorant
All honor the King
omnes et adorant.
and adore him.
Ilium Babylonia
Him Babylon fears
metuit et patria.
and his fatherland.

Cum armato agmine ruens
et cum turbine sternit cohortes,
confregit et fortes.
Assaulting with his troops
and with his weapons he destroys enemy hosts,
and crushes even the strong.
Illum honestas colit et nobilitas.
Hic est Babylonius nobilis Rex Darius.
Honor and nobility adorn him.
Here is King Darius, the noble Babylonian.

Illi cum tripudio gaudeat haec concio laudet
et cum gaudio ejus facta fortia
tam admirabilia.
Let the throng in dance rejoice with him.
Let them praise with great joy his powerful deeds,
the wonder of all.

Simul omnes gratulemur;
resonent et tympana;
Cytharistae tangant cordas;
musicorum organa resonent ad ejus praeconia.
Let us all give thanks together;
let the drums sound forth;
let the harp players pluck their strings;
let the instruments of the musicians resound in his praise.

Ante quam perveniat Rex ad solium suum,
duo praecurrentes expellent Balthasar
quasi inter- ficientes.
Tunc sedente Dario Rege in maiestate sua,
Curia exclamabit:
Before the King comes to his throne
two soldiers expel Balthasar,
rushing upon him as if to kill him. Then,
as King Darius sits in his majesty,
the Court exclaims:

Rex, in aeternum vive!
Long live the king!

Tunc duo flexis genibus secreto dicent Regi
ut faciat accersiri Danielem,
et Rex iubeat eum adduci.
Illi autem aliis praecipientes dicent haec:
The two men tell the King
to have Daniel summoned,
and the King orders him to be brought forth.
Standing before the other princes, they sing the following:

Audite, Principes regalis curiae,
Hear, O princes of the king's court,
qui leges regitis totius patriae.
who make the laws of the whole land.
Est quidam sapiens in Babylonia,
There is one most wise in Babylonia,
secreta reserans deorum gratia.
who by the grace of God opens all secrets.

Ejus consilium Regi complacuit,
His counsel pleased the King,
nam prius Balthasar scriptum aperuit.
for he revealed the meaning of the writing to Balthasar.

Ite velociter, ne sit dilatio,
Go quickly, let there be no delay,
nos uti volumus ejus consilio.
we wish to employ his counsel.

Fiat, si venerit, consiliarius
If he will come, let him be counselor
Regis, et fuerit in regno tercius.
to the King, and be third in the kingdom.

Legati, invento Daniele,
dicent haec ex parte Regis:
The legates, having found Daniel,
say to him on the part of the King:

Ex regali venit imperio,
Our legation, O servant of God,
serve Dei, nostra legatio.
comes from the royal command.

Tua Regi laudatur probitas,
te commendat mira calliditas.
Your worth has been praised to the King,
your great judgment commend you.

Per te solum cum nobis patuit
signum dextrae quod omnes latuit.
Through you alone was made clear to us
that writing of the hand, obscure to all.

Te Rex vocat ad suam curiam,
ut agnoscat tuam prudentiam.
The King calls you to his court
that he may know your wisdom.

Eris, supra ut dicit Darius,
principalis consiliarius.
You shall be, so said Darius,
the first of his advisors.

Ergo veni, iam omnis Curia
praeparatur ad tua gaudia.
Come then, for the whole court
is preparing to greet you with joy.

Et Daniel:
And Daniel replies:

G'envois al Roi.
I go to the king.

Conductus Danielis:
The processional of Daniel:

Congaudentes celebremus natalis sollemnia;
Rejoicing, let us celebrate the solemnity of Christmas,
Jam de morte nos redemit Dei sapientia.
for we are redeemed from death by the Wisdom of God.

Homo natus est in carne, qui creavit omnia,
He is born as man in the flesh, who created all,
Nasciturum quem praedixit prophetae facundia.
whose birth was foretold by the words of the prophet.

Danielis iam cessavit unctionis copia;
Now has ceased the old anointing, as Daniel did foretell,
Cessat regni Judaeorum contumax potentia.
and now ceases the stubborn power of the kingdom of the Jews.

In hoc natalitio, Daniel,
cum gaudio te laudat haec concio.
On this Christmas feast, Daniel,
with joy this throng praises you.

Tu Susannam liberasti de mortali crimine,
Cum te Deus inspiravit suo sancto flamine.
From that deadly accusation you redeemed Susanna
when His holy inspiration God breathed into you.

Testes falsos comprobasti reos accusamine.
You proved the accusers false, guilty of their accusation.
Bel draconem peremisti coram plebis agmine.
You overcame the dragon, Bel, before the throng of the people.

Et te Deus observavit leonum voragine.
And God watched over you in the lions' den.
Ergo sit laus Dei verbo genito de virgine.
Praise be then to the Word of God of a Virgin born.

Et Daniel Regi:
And Daniel says to the King:

Rex, in aeternum vive!
Long live the king!

Cui Rex:
The king addresses Daniel:

Quia novi te callidum,
Because I know you are sagacious,
totius regni providum,
the guardian of all this realm,
te, Daniel, constituo
O Daniel, I appoint you,
et summum locum tribuo.
and set you in the highest place.

Et Daniel Regi:
And Daniel replies to the King:

Rex, michi si credideris,
O King, if you place your trust in me,
per me nil mali feceris.
Through my fault you will do no wrong.

Tunc Rex faciat eum sedere iuxta se;
et alii Consiliarii Danieli invidentes,
quia gratior erit Regi,
aliis in consilium
ductis ut Danielem interficiant,
dicent Regi:
Then the King has him sit next to himself.
And the other advisors, envious of Daniel
because he finds more favor with the King,
consult with the other princes
on a plan to kill Daniel,
and they say to the King:

Rex, in aeternum vive!
Long live the king!

And then they continue:

Decreverunt in tua Curia principandi quibus est gloria,
It was decreed in your court by those who rule in glory
ut ad tui rigorem nominis omni spreto vigore numinis,
that by the authority of your name all other gods
per triginta dierum spatium
should be ignored for the space of thirty days,
adoreris ut Deus omnium,
and you be adored as the god of all,
O Rex!
O King!

Si quis ausu tam temerario
If anyone be rash in boldness
renuerit tuo consilio,
and be opposed to your command,
ut praeter te colatur deitas,
adore another god than you,
iudicii sit talis firmitas,
so firm let then the judgment be
in leonum tradatur foveam,
that he be thrown in the lions' den,
sic dicatur per totam regiam.
Let this be cried through all the realm,
O Rex!
O King!

Et Rex dicat:
And the king says:

Ego mando et remando
I demand and command
ne sit spretum hoc decretum.
that this decree respected be.
O hez!
Hear ye!

Daniel hoc audiens ibit in domum suam,
et adorabit Deum suum;
quem Aemuli videntes accurrent et dicent Regi:
Daniel, on hearing this, retires to his house
and adores his God.
When those envious of him see this,
they run to the King and say:

Nunquid, Dari, observari statuisti omnibus
Darius, did you not decree this should be obeyed by all,
qui orare vel rogare quicquam a numinibus,
that none adore nor yet implore any god but you alone,
Ni te deum, ilium reum daremus leonibus,
The man who disobeys this law to the lions should be thrown;
hoc edictum sic indictum fuit a princibus.
this was ordained and so proclaimed by the princes of the land.

Et Rex nesciens quare hoc dicerent, respondet:
And the king, not knowing why they said this, answers:

Vere jussi me omnibus
I truly command to every man
adorari a gentibus.
that I be adored throughout the land.

Tunc illi adducentes Danielem, dicent Regi:
Then they bring Daniel to the King and say to him:

Hunc Judaeum suum Deum
Daniel the man of Judea
Danielem vidimus
we saw worshipping his God,
adorantem et precantem,
Him adoring and imploring
tuis spretis legibus.
in defiance of your laws.

Rex volens liberare Danielem dicet:
The king, wishing to free Daniel, says:

Numquam vobis concedatur
It will never be granted to you
quod vir sanctus sic perdatur!
that this holy man should perish so.

Satrapae hoc audientes ostendent ei legem, dicentes:
The Satraps, on hearing this, show him the law and say:

Lex Parthorum et Medorum
The law of the Parths and the Medes
jubet in annalibus
in the annuls does command
ut qui sprevit quae decrevit
that he who does not heed the King's decree
Rex, detur leonibus.
to the lions should be thrown.

Rex, hoc audiens velit, nolit, dicet:
The King, on hearing this, whether he will or no, says:

Si sprevit legem quam statueram,
If he disdained the law proclaimed
det poenas ipse quas decreveram.
let him be punished as ordained.

Tunc Satrapae rapient Danielem,
et ille respiciens Regem dicet:
Then the Satraps seize Daniel,
and looking back toward the King he says:

Heu! heu! heu! quo casu sortis
Alas, alas, alas! by what fate
venit haec damnatio mortis?
am I condemned to death?
Heu! heu! heu! scelus infandum!
Alas, alas, alas! O unspeakable crime!
Cur me dabit ad lacerandum
Why does this crowd of cruel men
haec fera turba feris?
give me to be torn in the wild beasts' den?
Sic me, Rex, perdere quaeris!
Is it thus, O King, that you wish me to perish?
Heu! qua morte mori me cogis?
Alas! By what death do you doom me to die?
Spare your anger.
Parce furori.

Et Rex non volens eum liberare, dicet ei:
The king, unable to free him, says to him:

Deus quem colis tarn fideliter
The God you worship so faithfully
te liberabit mirabiliter.
will liberate you miraculously.

Tunc proicient Danielem in lacum.
Statimque Angelas tenens gladium
comminabitur leonibus ne tangant eum,
et Daniel intrans lacum dicet:
Then they thrust Daniel into the pit.
Immediately an angel holding a sword
keeps the lions at bay lest they touch him,
and Daniel calls out as he goes into the pit:

Hujus rei non sum reus;
For this charge I am not guilty;
have mercy on me, O God;
Mitte, Deus, huc patronum
Send, O God, a protector here
qui refrenet vim leonum;
miserere mei Deus,
to restrain the lions' power;

Interea alius Angelus admonebit
Abacuc prophetam ut deferat prandium
quod portabat messoribus suis Danieli
in lacum leonum, dicens:
Meanwhile another angel brings a message to
Habacuc the prophet, to take the repast
which he was bringing to his reapers to Daniel
in the lions' den, saying:

Abacuc, tu senex pie,
Habacuc, O holy old man,
ad lacum Babyloniae
take the meal to Daniel
Danieli fer prandium;
in the den at Babylon;
mandat tibi Rex omnium.
the King of all commands you.

Cui Abacuc:
Habacuc answers him:

Novit Dei cognitio
The omniscience of God knows well
quod Babylonem nescio,
that I know not Babylon,
neque lacus est cognitus
nor is the den known to me
quo Daniel est positus.
in which Daniel has been placed.

Tunc Angelus, apprehendens eum capillo capitis sui,
ducet ad lacum,
et Abacuc Danieli offerens prandium, dicet:
Then the angel, taking him by the hair of his head,
leads him to the den,
and Habacuc says to Daniel as he offers him the repast:

Surge, frater, ut cibum capias;
Rise up, brother, and take the food;
tuas Deus vidit angustias;
God has seen your afflictions;
Deus misit, da Deo gratias,
God has sent it, give thanks to God,
qui te fecit.
the God who made you.

Et Daniel, cibum accipiens, dicet:
And Daniel, taking the food, says:

Recordatus es mei, Domine;
You have remembered me, O Lord;
accipiam in tuo nomine,
this food in Your name I accept.

His transactis, Angelus reducet Abacuc in locum suum.
Tunc Rex, descendens de solio suo, veniet ad lacum
dicens lacrimabiliter:
When this has been done, the Angel takes Habacuc back to his place.
Then the King descends from his throne, comes to the den,
and says in tears:

Te ne putas, Daniel, salvabit, ut eripiaris
Think you, Daniel, that you will be saved and snatched away
a nece proposito, quern tu colis et veneraris?
from this intended death by the One you worship and venerate?

Et Daniel Regi:
And Daniel says to the King:

Rex, in aeternum vive!
Long live the king!

He continues:

Angelicum solita misit pietate patronum,
An angelic protector He has sent in his customary mercy,
quo Deus ad tempus conpescuit ora leonum.
by whom God constrained in time the mouths of the lions.

Tunc Rex gaudens exclamabit:
Then the king rejoicing says:

Danielem educite,
Bring Daniel out,
et aemulos immittite.
and throw the envious in.

Cum expoliati fuerint
et venerint ante lacum, clamabunt:
When these have been stripped of their robes
and brought before the pit, they exclaim:

Merito haec patimur,
quia peccavimus in sanctum Dei,
injuste egimus,
iniquitatem fecimus.
We suffer justly,
for we have sinned against this holy man of God,
we have acted wickedly,
we have done iniquity.

Illi proiecti in lacum statim
consumentur a leonibus;
et Rex videns hoc dicet:
When they have been thrown into the pit
they are immediately consumed by the lions,
and when the King sees this he says:

Deum Danielis qui regnat in saeculis
I command that the God of Daniel
adorari iubeo a cunctis populis.
who reigns forever be adored by all.

Daniel in pristinum gradum
recepturus prophetabit:
When Daniel has been received
into his former place of glory, he prophesies:

Ecce venit sanctus ille,
sanctorum sanctissimus
Behold, the holy one comes,
the most holy of the holy,
quem Rex iste jubet coli potens
whom the King, mighty and powerful,
et fortissimus.
commands you adore.

Cessant phana, cesset regnum,
The temples cease, the kingdom ends,
cessabit et unctio;
the annointings shall be over;
instat regni Judaeorum finis et oppressio.
the end of the kingdom of the Jews and its suppression is at hand.

Tunc Angelus ex improviso exclamabit:
Then an angel suddenly appears and exclaims:

Nuntium vobis fero de supernis
I bring you a message from on high
natus est Christus, Dominator orbis,
Christ is born, the Ruler of the world,
in Bethleem ludae,
sic enim propheta dixerat ante.
in Bethlehem of Judea,
just as the prophet has foretold.

His auditis, cantores incipient:
"Te Deum Laudamus"
After hearing this, the cantors intone:
"Te Deum Laudamus"