What Then is Love?

What Then is Love?

1. Sing a Song of Joy

2. Eliza Is the Fairest Queen

3. Honeysuckle

4. What Then Is Love Sings Coridon

5. What Then Is Love But Mourning

6. What Thing Is Love?

7. Galliard "Shall I Strive"

8. I Sigh, As Sure to Wear the Fruit

9. Sorrow, Come

10. Heigh-Ho Holiday

11. Shall I Sue

12. Breake Now My Heart and Dye

13. Woo Her and Win Her

14. Peaceful Western Wind

15. Sweet Philomel

16. I Care Not for These Ladies

17. Courante on "I Care Not for These Ladies"

18. Pretty Duck There Was

19. Witty Wanton

20. Faine Would I Wed

21. Mother, I Will Have a Husband

22. Now Hat Flora Robb'd Her Bow'rs

23. Move Now With Measured Sound

24. Rest, Sweet Nymphs

25. Sing We and Chant It