an Erato CD, #3984-23417-2 CD


Director: Joel Cohen

Anne Azéma
Noël Bisson
Karen Clark
William Hite
Joel Frederiksen
Jesse Lepkoff
Robert Mealy
Carol Lewis
Lynn Tetenbaum
Emily Walhout
Olav Chris Henriksen
Joel Cohen

Includes works by
Thomas Campion
John Daniel
John Dowland
Thomas Ford
Robert Jones
Edward Johnson
Robert Johnson
Anthony Holborne
Thomas Morley
Francis Pilkington
Philip Rossiter
and Thomas Vautor

Playing time: 63'40"

Want to hear some wonderful songs that the real Shakespeare probably knew? Check out this wonderful Boston Camerata CD, an anthology of ravishing vocal and instrumental pieces from Elizabethan England, featured in a late-summer 1999 New York Times article.

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