Dear Friends,

Oof! A number of you have said to me, à propos of the recently finished in-town season, that the Boston Camerata and its music are “hot” these days. I tend to agree, but the imagery, contemplated right now in the middle of a major-league heat wave, is just a little intense. May I counter with another kind of adjective? You are, all of you, a pretty cool bunch. And we send a fresh, minty shower of notes in your general direction.

Thanks again for your fidelity towards our unique, duplicated-nowhere-else brand of music making. It was your support that helped breathe sacred fire into centuries-old psalms at Harvard in November; that raised temperatures during near-blizzard conditions at Christmas; that helped warm the penance of the Magdalene during The Maria Monologues; and that made new sparks fly as we retold the Alexander legend in French, Hebrew, Latin, and Turkish.

We were also delighted to note that the critics, in print and online, added their own, glowing plaudits to your cheers and applause.

And so, even as beaches beckon during this hot spell, Camerata and I are hard at work shaping the season to come. A great deal of what will make the next fall and winter’s music possible, happens right now, when, theoretically, things are “slow.” We can assure you, they are not!

That’s why many of you have received a special “early bird” subscriber offer, with a limited-time pricing structure for those of you who subscribe NOW, before the new season gets underway. For those of you who did not get our email, you can consult the offer, and take advantage of it,

We very much want you with us, during this period where there are no public events to bring in funds. By subscribing now you’ll get a pricing break for yourself, and you’ll help us to keep Camerata’s air conditioning on!

We also welcome your tax-exempt gift to The Boston Camerata, as more than ever, our trailblazing work in early music needs your support.

We look forward to more beautiful music-making, just a handful of weeks forward, in your presence.

With best wishes to all,