This just in: Anne makes another contribution to musicology.

Lettres, musique et société en Lorraine médiévale - Autour du Tournoi de Chauvency
Camerata fans and followers know Anne Azéma as a charismatic performer and a dynamic music director. What this newly released book reminds us, however, is that she’s also an internationally respected scholar.

The last essay in this collection of papers about the 13th century Tournoi de Chauvency is by her, and it’s a summing-up or envoi to the Metz project she guided a few seasons back. That groundbreaking project included Anne’s live, staged performance based on the Tournoi, a commercial CD, a colloquium, and now this impressive tome reuniting research and reflection by many highly regarded medievalists. The publisher is the top name in medieval studies, Droz of Geneva. We’ll be glad to help you obtain your copy should you be interested. Congratulations, Anne!

P.S. We still have a few copies available of the CD. Beautiful music.