It was ladies’ night for the fourth event of the Boston Camerata Residency. Mesdames Azéma, Ellis-Kampani, Harley, Kammen, and Ansorg paid a tribute to the smiling Angel of Reims, and were rewarded with the following (excerpted) rave review the next morning:

“A dazzling concert last night by The Boston Camerata, which proved capable of adapting its performance style to the gamut of the works performed…In the oldest church of Reims, Saint Jacques, the group’s five women presented a program conceived as a witness to medieval devotion to the Virgin, and as a homage to the famous Angel of the cathedral, whose smile became newly visible.

“The program was organized in five sections, each one introduced in an informed yet accessible way by Anne Azéma….Religious music need not necessarily be austere, as the Boston Camerata so brilliantly demonstrated….one could imagine “Mainte chanson ai fait” as a round dance for young girls…Such a diversity within the repertoire calls for as variety in the interpretation, as Anne Azéma understood…

“How not to melt with tenderness at the magnificent interpretation of Jennifer Ellis Kampani? How not to be transported by Anne Azéma…or to resist tapping one’s feet at the dancing duets of the vielle players?…We await the next performance by this marvelous ensemble.”

An American booster who heard the performance in Reims has requested we bring it home, and so we shall. Stay tuned, please.