Actually, the metamorphosing horse Fauvel went thataway several centuries back. Whoever wrote the lavish “Roman de Fauvel” manuscript in Paris, circa 1310, got a head start on today’s HTML mavens by about 700 years. The 14th century scribe/programmer combined text, musical notation, and imagery on each page to produce a multisensory blast of a work….one that Camerata has been reinterpreting with success for a number of seasons, on video, on CD, and live, most recently in Jackson, for the Mississippi Academy of Ancient Music.

What pleased us most about our Jackson friends was their support in bringing the fabulous illustrations from the “Fauvel” manuscript onstage, just behind the performers. We hadn’t had this pleasure since a run in Paris a few seasons back, at the Cité de la Musique, so thanks to the Academy our “complete” Fauvel show had its U.S. première. As always, Michael Collver outdid himself in equine cool, and our newest cast member, Michael Barrett, acquitted himself elegantly on tenor and coconuts. Our grab shot from the afternoon tech rehearsal will give you an idea.

Meanwhile, presenters, the medieval miniatures are vividly digitized for the 21st century, and Camerata’s unique “Fauvel” production, with a made-for-today’s-economy cast of six, is hot to trot right into your concert series….