When we got to Roubaix, we discovered our name on the marquee in B-I-G letters...Wowee Zowee
The good news is, “Borrowed Light” by the Tero Saarinen Company and the Boston Camerata is a much-in-demand, smash success.

That’s also, from the point of view of at least some in the 2011 production team, the ever-so-slightly less-good news, as the cast enters its third week of touring in four different European countries. By the time we hit performance ten of eleven, in a heavily industrial Rhineland city, some of us start pining just a little for the comforts of home and the cheering company of our loved ones.

But that’s only the most minor of shadows on what has been a thrilling trip. We loved the clean air and medieval castle of Turku; the art deco facades and harbor views of Helsinki; the ancient carillon bells of Groningen; the birthday party for dancer Sini and singer/ornithologist Donnie (o, the chocolate owl!) and everywhere, the clapping, cheering audiences, equally enchanted by Tero’s audacious choreography and the Shaker music sung by Camerata. It’s true, the music never fails to cast a spell, the dancing is superb, and more than once an audience member has described the show to us as a religious or spiritual experience. Road fatigue notwithstanding, we of Camerata are proud to be a part of this important contemporary work, drawing as it does at once on the richness of the past and on the creative forces of our own time. As Anne can tell you (seconded by Joel) this bridging of epochs is exactly how we conceive of Camerata’s mission.

Camerata and the Saarinen company will continue their collaboration in autumn, 2011; and then in 2012 and 2013. Some major venues are in the works, and we will of course keep you posted.

Next on tap for us, in June, a mainstage concert (Fauvel! You gotta be there!) at the Boston Early Music Festival, and a five-production, medieval-themed residency in Reims, France. We’ll gird up our loins and prepare (as the Shaker song goes), make the best music of which we are capable, and save the sunset-watching for July.

Photo: When we got to Roubaix, we discovered our name on the marquee in B-I-G letters…Wowee Zowee!