The Knight’s Tale

Anne Azéma & Consul General Christophe Guilhou
Another thing we wanted to talk about, before the avalanche of snow-related emergencies took us over, was the wonderful ceremony offered by the French Consul in Boston and his staff last December to Anne Azéma.

During that event Consul General Christophe Guilhou read a touching tribute to Anne, her musicianship, her personal magnetism, and her extraordinary combination of performance artistry and unique, creative programming flair. Some of us who know her well were moisty-eyed by the end of the speech, but we blew our noses and watched with joy as the Consul pinned the medal on Anne’s, ahem, chest with incredibly suave gallantry.

So Anne is now a Chevalier/Knight of Arts and Letters. Thank you, France, from the Boston Camerata, for this recognition.