Anne and Aaron as Iseult and Tristan
“The ovation just went on and on. It seemed endless.” That’s a quote captured a few days ago, at Boston’s Logan airport, from the eyewitness account of a returning Camerata musician. She was describing the reaction of the audience in Germany, the previous day, at the end of Camerata’s “Tristan and Iseult” performance.

The November festival concert of Camerata’s now-legendary “Tristan” script was a commission from the German radio, the Westdeutsche Rundfunk, and the recent performance will be broadcast in Germany on December 7. Thanks to all who made it work so well, including new cast members Jean Lorrain (Gottfried, the Poet/Narrator) and Jennifer Ellis (Brangane). In our photo, you see Aaron Engebreth and Tristan, and Anne Azéma (who also directed) as Iseult.

In the days following “Tristan,” Anne and viellist Susanne Ansorg teamed up to teach three days of master classes at the Tilburg conservatory, Netherlands. The subject, closely related to the concert of only a few days before: German song of the Middle Ages. This is a very busy fall for Anne and her colleagues.