Tom Zajac

Tom Zajac

We announce, with very heavy heart, the death yesterday of our colleague and beloved friend, Tom Zajac. His long exit from this world was not an easy one; there was much pain along the way, both for Tom and for those near him. And even now there are many tears still to be shed. But not by Tom; he is now at peace, and that is the blessing we who remain behind can all share.tom_zajak.jpg

Tom’s love of music, and life, was like an inner flame, and that flame gave him a glow from within. The flame was also something he knew how to transmit to others, as the outpouring of affection and caring from so many people these last months and weeks so amply shows. Even more wonderful: that beneficent, life-giving, contagious flame has not gone out. It continues to live in our hearts, and we pledge to nurture and renew it in our future music-making and through our actions in the world.

We also send our love and condolences to Lilli Nye. We’ll be there for you, Lilli, to the best of our mortal abilities. Thank you for sharing so much with us, in such a pure and honest and generous way. You teach us all how to deal with profound loss.


Tom appears in the opening of this video.